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When Nardwuar Met Don Cherry

Nardwuar The Human Serviette might be one of the best journalists in Canada. I’ve seen it first-hand because in my other life in the music universe I’ve worked with him for over a decade. At any rate, recently he got to interview the man himself, Don Cherry, and there may or may not be a … Continue reading


Tim Thomas, Soul Eater

For a guy who’s been an Olympian, an NHL all-star, and a Vezina and Jennings trophy winner, it only seems just now, in the 2010-11 Stanley Cup finals that Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas is truly getting recognized for his talents. There are lots of reasons to like Thomas: *At 37 years old he’s a … Continue reading

The Only Rule In Goalie Derby: There Are No Rules

I’ve had many great goaltending adventures, but few of them were like when I entered the anything-goes “Goalie Derby” at the 2005 Hockey Summit Of The Arts. Luckily, my friend Joseph McGinty was also there with a video camera and put together this excellent piece about it:

Goaltending Is For People With A Martyr Complex

Why do people become goalies? It’s an age old question that philosophical followers of hockey love to ponder. In my case the reason why I became a goalie was because my eight-year-old self was a pretty horrible skater. And if I was in net I wouldn’t have to skate, right? Young me’s arrival between the … Continue reading