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The Gospel According To Jacques Plante: Quitting

Goaltending by Jacques Plante

Goaltending by Jacques Plante

And so it was spoken, in the book of Goaltending, by the apostle Jacques Plante, on page 104, about quitting:

“Playing goal when a team is leading is easy, but when it falls behind, the pressure mounts to the point where some goalies can’t stand it and stop trying. Without realizing why, they get mad at their teammates and tend to blame them for the goals instead of working harder.

“Sometimes they’ll just have a bad day and the goals will pour in, but other times, a key save lifts the team up and starts a rally. If goalies remember this, they can more easily overcome their letdown. But if after they learn that a slump is only temporary they do not change, they are lacking in the desire needed to produce a star goalie, the one with the mark of champion.”



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